18:01:56 <kohsuke> #startmeeting
18:01:56 <robobutler> Let the Jenkins meeting commence!
18:02:07 <kohsuke> #chair rtyler abayer
18:02:07 <robobutler> Current chairs: abayer kohsuke rtyler
18:02:13 <ndeloof> and  - you know what ? -  that time I didn't forgot to join the meeting ;)
18:02:18 <kohsuke> hmm, hare_brain isn't here, which is unusual
18:02:24 <kohsuke> ndeloof: yes! I noticed that. Yay!
18:02:28 <abayer> He said he'd be on vacation I believe.
18:02:56 <kohsuke> ok
18:02:59 <kohsuke> #info https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Governance+Meeting+Agenda
18:03:38 <abayer> (brb in a few minutes)
18:03:54 <kohsuke> so let's see, recap of actions
18:04:01 <kohsuke> #topic recap of actions
18:04:19 <kohsuke> most of the actions for July 11th is still carried forward
18:04:29 <kohsuke> man, I feel so behind
18:05:00 <kohsuke> I'm just going to transcode
18:05:09 <kohsuke> or maybe we should start using tickets
18:05:34 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to set up JIRA project for project meeting actions
18:05:39 <ndeloof> +1
18:06:02 <kohsuke> #topic commercial use of Jenkins
18:06:14 <kohsuke> #info http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jenkins-ci-speak/id533789857?mt=12 triggered the conversation
18:07:04 <kohsuke> #info this is the current guideline: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Governance+Document#GovernanceDocument-Trademark
18:07:20 <abayer> (back)
18:07:36 <ndeloof> I've no objection as long the project is tied to jenkins-ci.org in some way and don't work "against" the community
18:08:22 <abayer> I'd say so long as the name makes it clear that it's not directly from the Jenkins project, it's ok. i.e., CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise etc.
18:08:28 <ndeloof> mostly what gov doc is saying with more technical terms
18:09:19 <kohsuke> http://www.linuxfoundation.org/programs/legal/trademark/faq#I_am_a_commercial_entity_a_company that this document refers to seems to imply that in this case this use should seek our approval
18:10:13 <kohsuke> I think we are willing to let them use the mark, so maybe we should contact them and ask them to go through the ritual of seeking our approval?
18:10:15 <abayer> Yeah, that sounds right to me.
18:10:15 <ndeloof> "You need to apply for a https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Trademark+Sublicense if you are using the term "Jenkins""
18:10:24 <abayer> +1
18:10:38 <kohsuke> now how do we contact the publisher?
18:11:07 <kohsuke> ok, http://www.mjsoft.com.au/action/about looks like it
18:11:34 <kohsuke> #agreed we think this use requires the approval of the project.
18:12:10 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to write to the publisher, point to our document, and ask them to seek our approval of the use of the mark
18:12:40 <ndeloof> google gives me 2 others "MJ software" ...
18:12:41 <kohsuke> #info the consensus seems to be that we are OK with this use, but we want to make it clear that the use of the mark like this (as per FAQ) requires our approval
18:13:00 <kohsuke> I get there by clicking "Jenkins CI Speak support" button of http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/jenkins-ci-speak/id533789857?mt=12
18:13:09 <kohsuke> so I'm pretty sure that's it
18:13:33 <kohsuke> shall we move on?
18:13:37 <ndeloof> ok
18:13:42 <kohsuke> #topic Demoing theĀ FreedomSponsors JIRA plugin
18:13:44 <abayer> +1
18:13:54 <abayer> (the +1 was to moving on)
18:13:57 <kohsuke> tonylampada: all yours
18:14:07 <tonylampada> Thanks guys
18:14:33 <tonylampada> So, we've finished version 1.0 of the JIRA plugin, as advertised
18:14:57 <tonylampada> It's now open source on github (as is the freedomsponsors project itself)
18:15:20 <tonylampada> please see https://github.com/freedomsponsors/freedomsponsors-jira-plugin
18:15:31 <kohsuke> so this just adds a link?
18:15:41 <tonylampada> That is the github page with a screenshot of the plugin in action
18:15:42 <kohsuke> I guess it doesn't show any info about the current status of the sponsorship?
18:16:06 <tonylampada> also with installation and dev environment instructions
18:16:10 <kohsuke> I ask because http://ambtest.freedomsponsors.org/core/issue/2/research-teleport-technology seems to imply that http://ambtest.freedomsponsors.org:8080/browse/TLM-1 should say something
18:16:39 <tonylampada> You're right. we just didn't finish that
18:16:40 <kohsuke> like somehow highlighting $1000
18:16:42 <kohsuke> OK
18:17:00 <tonylampada> But we can get it done on a next version
18:17:12 <tonylampada> this one only adds the link
18:17:18 <tonylampada> (which opens in a new window)
18:17:49 <tonylampada> You can play with it too --> http://ambtest.freedomsponsors.org:8080/browse/TLM-1
18:17:57 <tonylampada> I've setup a test account on JIRA:
18:18:10 <tonylampada> l / p = jenkins_crew / jenkinsrocks
18:18:13 <kohsuke> #info Reading the raw log of the last meeting, I think one of the concerns was the possible stability impact of this to JIRA
18:18:20 <tonylampada> just in
18:18:27 <kohsuke> But looking at the code, it seems like this isn't a real problem
18:18:41 <tonylampada> *just in case
18:18:47 <tonylampada> no, its really simple
18:18:59 <rtyler> I don't think it should be that big of an issue, it's pretty non-obtrusive on the test jira of tonylampada's
18:19:14 <rtyler> there's the unrelated issue of freedomsponsors and getting people funds :P
18:19:23 <tonylampada> I've made a few changes on FS side so that the link only need the "trackerURL" parameter, and FS will find all bout the issue
18:20:00 <kohsuke> #idea I like hare_brain's proposal that we run it for a while and re-evaluate
18:20:19 <rtyler> that sounds good for me
18:20:25 <rtyler> how will we evaluate ? :P
18:20:36 <rtyler> can we get an overview of sponsorships, etc from FS?
18:20:41 <nanna> Hi
18:20:56 <tonylampada> on FS site there's a search feature
18:21:07 <tonylampada> you can filter by project
18:21:11 <nanna> I am integration my project builds to Jenkins
18:21:24 <kohsuke> nanna: meeting is in session now, let's hold that off until the meeting is over
18:21:38 <kohsuke> If tonylampada can provide any metrics that's awesome
18:21:49 <nanna> Ok.sorry
18:21:49 <kohsuke> otherwise we can just see if anyone has any feelings about it
18:22:16 <tonylampada> this is the search page --> http://www.freedomsponsors.org/core/issue/?s=&project_id=46&project_name=Jenkins
18:22:36 <tonylampada> providing metrics is easy enough
18:22:42 <tonylampada> no problem
18:23:07 <kohsuke> is two months good enough trial?
18:23:34 <tonylampada> we can communicate via the FS issue tracker if you like
18:23:36 <tonylampada> https://github.com/freedomsponsors/www.freedomsponsors.org/issues
18:24:01 <rtyler> kohsuke: that sounds good to me
18:24:07 <kohsuke> #agreed we'll install this plugin on JIRA for two months and re-evaluate
18:24:11 <tonylampada> or we could use the new jira project kohsuke will add
18:24:30 <kohsuke> tonylampada: do I have your e-mail address?
18:24:46 <tonylampada> you do, but here you go again tonylampada@gmail.com
18:25:07 <kohsuke> Yeah, I do. Got confused a bit by your last name
18:25:09 <kohsuke> Thanks
18:25:22 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to install this plugin on JIRA
18:25:36 <tonylampada> (YAAAY!) hehehe
18:25:37 <kohsuke> tonylampada: good luck to your project. I hope it'll work out
18:25:56 <kohsuke> I think that's it for this. moving on...
18:25:56 <ndeloof> now, you need an irc bot action to automatically create issues in jira for gov meeting actions :)
18:25:57 <tonylampada> Thanks Kohsuke. I hope I can make you rich ;)
18:26:21 * kohsuke remembers W3C meetings used to have a bot called zakim that does that and a lot more
18:26:31 <kohsuke> #topic Upcoming event planning and brainstorming
18:26:37 <kohsuke> #info https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/jenkinsci-dev/bokUEoheAAs%5B1-25%5D
18:26:42 <kohsuke> #info https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/jenkinsci-dev/eFawHz1JWYg%5B1-25%5D
18:26:58 <rtyler> awww yeah
18:27:04 <kohsuke> so I think we are officially committing to FOSDEM
18:27:29 <kohsuke> I wonder if rtyler or someone else is willing to make sure we won't miss any application deadlines, etc
18:27:37 <rtyler> I'm on the fosdem list already :)
18:27:38 <kohsuke> maybe alyssa_ can help?
18:27:43 <rtyler> they're putting out calls in a few weeks
18:27:46 <rtyler> I can be point on that
18:28:00 <alyssa_> sure just let me know where and when :o)
18:28:04 <rtyler> #info FOSDEM organization mailing list http://lists.jenkins-ci.org/mailman/listinfo/jenkins-fosdem
18:28:26 <rtyler> abayer: how do you feel about "officially committing" to FOSDEM?
18:28:27 <kohsuke> if rtyler is good at not missing deadlines (unlike me!), I think he'll probably enjoy doing it
18:28:41 <rtyler> #info FOSDEM 2013 will be February 2nd and 3rd
18:28:53 <abayer> rtyler: By end of month I'll be able to commit or not commit.
18:29:06 <rtyler> abayer: I'm talking about as a board member you numby
18:29:09 <abayer> I can't do both Devoxx and FOSDEM, and if myt alk gets into Devoxx I am going.
18:29:11 <rtyler> for the project
18:29:13 <abayer> Ohhhh.
18:29:16 <abayer> Well, then +1000.
18:29:26 <rtyler> whereas committing means at least budgeting some more stickers and some CIA shirts
18:29:33 <rtyler> those numbers we can figure out later
18:29:45 <kohsuke> yes, stickers reminds me that we need to order more
18:29:55 <rtyler> as soon as the call for dev rooms is published, I'll coordinate with everybody to get that started
18:30:10 <kohsuke> we spent initial allotted $500 and I'm scraping the bottom of a barrel now
18:30:32 <rtyler> kohsuke: let's have another agenda item after ndeloof's and talk about that
18:30:49 <kohsuke> no problem
18:30:49 <rtyler> #action rtyler to work on the "Call for Dev Rooms" when it's published
18:31:05 <ndeloof> I can have low-cost stickers here (only square ones) if this can help
18:31:27 <kohsuke> I also wanted to spend a bit of time getting the feeling about our event roadmap
18:31:29 <rtyler> #action the board to figure out at a later meeting how we can do a travel budget for one or two of our japanese friends to come to FOSDEM
18:32:03 <rtyler> I think we're all in agreement on trying for a dev room, and naturally a stand
18:32:14 <kohsuke> re: travel grant for our friends in Tokyo, rtyler generously donated some money for them to subsidize the trip
18:32:23 <kohsuke> (kudos to him)
18:32:31 <rtyler> I did?
18:32:36 <kohsuke> Yeah, you did
18:33:07 <rtyler> refresh my memory
18:33:08 <rtyler> <_<
18:33:15 <ndeloof> rtyler: just cross finger so they won't miss the flight
18:33:29 <rtyler> oh right, thanks kohsuke
18:33:52 <rtyler> I think we have more work and discussion on the mailing list to do to figure out how we'll manage travel grants
18:34:03 <rtyler> but I think we're set on FOSDEM for now, shall we move on?
18:34:14 <kohsuke> Did we have a list for FOSDEM?
18:34:18 <kohsuke> was it just for 2012?
18:34:22 <rtyler> http://lists.jenkins-ci.org/mailman/listinfo/jenkins-fosdem
18:34:29 <rtyler> it's for every year if we're going to go every year ;)
18:34:40 <ndeloof> other events planned for jenkins community ?
18:34:52 <kohsuke> ndeloof: I wanted to talk about that, too
18:35:17 <kohsuke> #agreed we'll commit to FOSDEM 2012 (by that we mean promote, coordinate, spend some project money, etc.)
18:35:28 <kohsuke> #info those who are interested should join http://lists.jenkins-ci.org/mailman/listinfo/jenkins-fosdem
18:35:29 <rtyler> #agreed FOSDEM 2013 too
18:35:31 <rtyler> <M_<
18:35:40 <kohsuke> thank you
18:35:47 <kohsuke> yes, and other events
18:36:09 <kohsuke> I thought it'd be good to have some things mapped out if we can, because attracting speakers are hard
18:36:33 <kohsuke> especially given that CB-sponsored JUC will be once a year
18:36:40 <rtyler> can we change topics for this
18:36:52 <kohsuke> OK, what should it be?
18:37:01 <kohsuke> why don't you change it with your chair superpower
18:37:04 <rtyler> #topic Jenkins Event Planning/COordination
18:37:27 <kohsuke> #idea  I thought it'd be good to have some things mapped out if we can, because attracting speakers are hard
18:37:53 <kohsuke> #idea but a part of me also wonder if 1 JUC in SF, 1 FOSDEM, and 0.5 Tokyo JUC are about right given our size
18:38:36 <kohsuke> aside from that, I think it'd be nice if what lars is doing can be packaged enough to be replicated elsewhere
18:38:51 <kohsuke> Selenium people seem to do a better job at that
18:38:57 <ndeloof> I can work with french mafia to have a (low-cost) event before devoxx-france (april)
18:39:01 <rtyler> I like the idea from buep or somebody else, making the distinction between conferences and user-events
18:39:22 <rtyler> JUCSF, JUCTokyo, FOSDEM == "Conferences" and have conference level resource committment
18:39:37 <rtyler> anything else can be attached to CIA and be a "user event" and have a different level of resources
18:39:45 <ndeloof> agree
18:40:00 <rtyler> we'll send core people to conferences
18:40:14 <rtyler> (for example)
18:40:19 <kohsuke> Does what we do in SCALE fit this somewhere?
18:40:27 <kohsuke> or maybe it's unique outlier
18:40:35 <rtyler> it's more along the lines of a user event
18:40:45 <rtyler> I think the resource commitment we made for SCALE was really stickers
18:40:51 <rtyler> and then you and I decided to go on our own
18:40:59 <rtyler> and that seems about right
18:41:45 <kohsuke> All right, so I guess we'll try to see if some of us are willing to host the user event around the world somewhere
18:41:59 <kohsuke> Copenhagen would be a great test, and Bruno would be another, if that works out
18:42:05 * rtyler nods
18:42:20 <kohsuke> I've got contacted offline by a big-co in the south bay who sounded like willing to host one
18:42:33 <LisaWells> re: Selenium's method of fostering meetups: we're happy to help with that
18:43:00 <kohsuke> LisaWells: if you know how they do it and see something we can replicate, I think that'd be great
18:43:23 <kohsuke> I wonder if any of us are in China, Korea, or India
18:43:39 <LisaWells> I do... and in fact have written a draft blog post I've been meaning to share with you. We (CloudBees) would like to help Jenkins meetups get started all over the world and help provide how-to
18:44:03 <kohsuke> I really don't have any insights into the user community there, but our stats numbers seem to indicate that there are a lot of usage over there
18:45:04 <kohsuke> #action LisaWells to publish a write up on what we can help to facilitate meet-ups in the meat space
18:45:11 <LisaWells> kohsuke: check Sauce's How to Start a Meetup blog here: http://sauceio.com/index.php/2011/10/so-you-want-to-start-a-selenium-meetup-group-now-what/
18:45:24 <LisaWells> and video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXsISciWjtE&feature=plcp
18:45:36 <kohsuke> I think it'll come off better if it comes from you the person as opposed to CloudBees
18:45:44 <LisaWells> ok, sure
18:45:45 <kohsuke> but I can talk to you offline about that
18:45:58 <kohsuke> anyway
18:46:33 <kohsuke> #action ndeloof volunteered to see if there's any opportunity to organize low-cost "user event" in Devoxx or in Paris
18:46:38 <kohsuke> should we move on?
18:46:46 <kohsuke> ... unless anyone else wants to add anything?
18:46:59 <kohsuke> (and given the time zone no one from Asia is in here)
18:47:23 <kohsuke> #topic Documentation of jenkins-admin IRC-bot infra, so that community can manage restart
18:47:37 <kohsuke> so there's this action for rtyler to puppetize ircbot and deploy it on our server
18:47:57 <ndeloof> jenkins-admin seems to be dead just now
18:48:11 <kohsuke> maybe this is a good opportunity to pull in ndeloof to the infra-puppet world?
18:48:50 <ndeloof> we also have a bunch of plugins that have been forked without committer Team set, and don't know how to debug this
18:48:59 <ndeloof> (github API issue ?) ie, where to find the logs  ?
18:50:00 <kohsuke> I think we really badly need someone to puppetize this
18:50:16 <kohsuke> then the logs and all the other stuff would be available
18:50:21 <ndeloof> I'm ok trying to puppetize ircbot, even I don't know much about pupet, but probably comparable to chef
18:50:48 <kohsuke> yeah, I basically do monkey-see-monkey-do and let rtyler edit the result to his liking
18:50:51 <kohsuke> so far it worked for me
18:51:08 <rtyler> well, it needs to be thrown into a package
18:51:12 <rtyler> that's easy to do with npm
18:51:14 <rtyler> er, fpm
18:51:21 <kohsuke> fpm?
18:51:30 <rtyler> if we can package it, then managing it with puppet is easy
18:51:41 <mika> kohsuke: https://github.com/jordansissel/fpm/
18:51:50 <mika> simple tool for creating deb and rpms ec
18:52:05 <mika> etc*
18:52:07 <kohsuke> OK
18:52:28 <kohsuke> I know how to do debbuild to package this up to *.deb like I did Confluence
18:52:35 <rtyler> ah, that works too
18:52:36 <kohsuke> but it'd take longer for me to do it via fpm
18:52:51 <rtyler> heh, i highly doubt that :P
18:53:03 <rtyler> anyways
18:53:17 <rtyler> if we package up the bot, with a init.d script, managing it becomes much easier
18:53:28 <mika> i'm happy to help with debian packaging, if that would help
18:53:55 <kohsuke> mika: can I sign you up for this?
18:54:00 <kohsuke> the code is in https://github.com/jenkinsci/backend-ircbot
18:54:12 <kohsuke> ... which generates jar that can be run as "java -jar ircbot.jar"
18:54:24 <mika> kohsuke: i'll figure it out, yes
18:54:26 <kohsuke> we just need /etc/init.d/ircbot hook up and log rotation and stuff
18:54:54 <kohsuke> #action mika to package https://github.com/jenkinsci/backend-ircbot to deb
18:55:21 <kohsuke> #action then ndeloof will attempt puppetizing this
18:55:24 <rtyler> <3
18:55:35 <kohsuke> I think it'd be a good driver to debug the infra-puppet hacking readme/instructions
18:55:46 <kohsuke> #info puppet module is in https://github.com/jenkinsci/infra-puppet
18:55:46 <rtyler> heh, no kidding
18:55:55 <kohsuke> we want more people to be hacking this stuff
18:56:04 * rtyler nods
18:56:25 <kohsuke> and I'm pretty sure ndeloof will manage it. I mean, even *I* can do it!
18:56:42 <kohsuke> I think that's it for this
18:57:08 <ndeloof> :)
18:57:17 <kohsuke> if I can get the additional funding of stickers approved quickly, I'd like to get it done now
18:57:35 <kohsuke> but I'm OK to push it to the next meeting
18:57:46 <ndeloof> agree, people like them !
18:58:04 <kohsuke> Basically my proposal is to spend another $500 to get 2000 more stickers from the same place
18:58:19 <rtyler> #topic New shipment of Jenkins stickers
18:58:28 <kohsuke> #idea my proposal is to spend another $500 to get 2000 more stickers from the same place
18:58:37 <rtyler> I'm fine with that, they're good
18:58:46 <kohsuke> I know ndeloof has a lot cheaper place to print them, but I don't remember actually seeing them in person
18:58:59 <rtyler> square, booo
18:59:09 <kohsuke> rtyler: so you saw them?
18:59:15 <rtyler> well, they're squash
18:59:16 <rtyler> er
18:59:21 <rtyler> square, I know what that looks like :)
18:59:35 <kohsuke> LOL
18:59:43 <ndeloof> also can get round ones :) but they clearly are not that nice compared to the ones you gave me at JUC
18:59:48 <kohsuke> abayer: any thoughts? +1?
18:59:59 <rtyler> I am really partial to the current beautiful die-cut stickers
19:00:17 <kohsuke> this time I'll do http://www.stickermule.com/products/kiss-cut-stickers
19:00:27 <kohsuke> it still comes off in a die-cut form but the base sheet is square
19:00:30 <abayer> +1 by me
19:00:32 <kohsuke> easier to pack and carry around
19:00:39 <rtyler> kohsuke: yeah, that makes sense
19:00:43 <kohsuke> This is what I purchased for JUC Tokyo
19:01:06 <ndeloof> http://www.lastickerie.com/stickers/ have 40cm diam round ones, 60ā‚¬ for 1000
19:01:40 <kohsuke> #agreed we'll approve another $500 to purchase 2000 stickers
19:02:03 <kohsuke> Personally I wouldn't mind approving additional 60 EUR for him to try something like that
19:02:07 <kohsuke> I hope it's 40mm, not 40cm, though
19:02:42 <kohsuke> you've tried this place before and you are OK with the quality, right?
19:02:43 <ndeloof> oups, right ;)
19:03:02 <ndeloof> I used them for my JUG and conference
19:03:26 <ndeloof> they're mostly ok, just not best quality
19:03:44 <ndeloof> I'd say, good enough to put on openspace monitor to show jenkins build status
19:04:12 <kohsuke> abayer: any thought?
19:04:26 <abayer> Not really? =)
19:04:34 <kohsuke> can we give that a blessing?
19:04:40 <abayer> Yup. =)
19:05:10 <kohsuke> #agreed make it $600, not $500, and ndeloof will order one from http://www.lastickerie.com/stickers/ on behalf of the community
19:05:12 <kohsuke> thank you
19:05:16 <kohsuke> #topic next meeting time
19:05:28 <kohsuke> in 2 weeks would be ...
19:05:38 <kohsuke> Aug 22nd
19:05:51 <kohsuke> #info the next meeting time is Aug 22nd, same time as always
19:05:58 <rtyler> I'm okay with that
19:06:12 <kohsuke> I'd miss that one as I'll be making a quick trip to Tokyo
19:06:22 <kohsuke> OK, I think that's it
19:06:29 <kohsuke> Thanks everyone and sorry for running over
19:06:32 <kohsuke> #endmeeting