04:02:03 <kohsuke> #startmeeting
04:02:03 <robobutler> Let the Jenkins meeting commence!
04:02:18 <kohsuke> #chair hare_brain abayer rtyler
04:02:18 <robobutler> Current chairs: abayer hare_brain kohsuke rtyler
04:02:27 <rtyler> \o/
04:02:39 <kohsuke> #info https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Governance+Meeting+Agenda
04:02:53 <kohsuke> and http://build-shokunin.org/juc2012
04:03:05 <kohsuke> #topic recap of actions
04:03:19 <kohsuke> #info http://meetings.jenkins-ci.org/jenkins/2012/jenkins.2012-04-04-18.01.html
04:03:23 <rtyler> nicolas isn't awake unfortunately :(
04:03:45 <kohsuke> abayer: I still need your PGP public key
04:03:53 <kohsuke> and thanks hare_brain for sending me one
04:03:59 <abayer> Argh. One sec.
04:04:17 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to send the board private key to hare_brain and abayer
04:04:42 <kohsuke> I think I'll also use it to archive the receipts for reimbursement
04:04:58 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to write a Confluence macro to have link to JProfiler
04:05:03 <kohsuke> #action ndeloof to ask for JProfiler licenses http://www.ej-technologies.com/buy/jprofiler/openSource
04:05:08 <kohsuke> (neither of those are done)
04:05:22 <kohsuke> and I need to send stickers
04:05:28 <kohsuke> oy
04:05:37 <rtyler> heh
04:05:43 <hare_brain> Heh. I think you were doing something a little more interesting this week.
04:05:49 <rtyler> agreed
04:05:56 <rtyler> I'll take hives over stickers for now ;)
04:06:05 <rtyler> that said, would it help if we filed JIRAs?
04:06:21 <kohsuke> actually constant nagging works better for things like this
04:06:32 <kohsuke> I got 13400 tickets on my back
04:06:40 <kohsuke> or we, collectively
04:06:43 <kohsuke> anyway
04:06:44 <abayer> heheh
04:06:51 <rtyler> so pull requests are out
04:06:53 <rtyler> jiras are out
04:06:53 <kohsuke> #action kohsuke to mail sticker batches to abayer and rtyler
04:07:04 <kohsuke> and that means you guys need to send me your address
04:07:20 <abayer> Sending you that now.
04:07:33 <kohsuke> rtyler: it must be on your reimbursement form
04:07:38 <kohsuke> I guess I can send it there?
04:07:53 <rtyler> if it's a san francisco address, yes
04:08:08 <rtyler> if not, we're moving real soon now, so by the time you mail them my current mailing address will be invalid ;)
04:08:14 <rtyler> sending you an email anyways
04:08:33 <kohsuke> Thanks
04:08:39 <kohsuke> So that's it for actions
04:09:04 <rtyler> let's talk JUC Tokyo!
04:09:13 <kohsuke> #info Oh, I'm very happy to report that rtyler had finally done his long standing action to file a reimbursement for the $5K overage that got the fund-raising started
04:09:19 <rtyler> haha
04:09:33 <kohsuke> So he'll be whole real soon now
04:09:33 <rtyler> tax season has a way of reminding me to do things :)
04:09:53 <kohsuke> #topic JUC Tokyo
04:10:11 <kohsuke> So let me check whose here from that side of the Pacific ocean
04:10:33 <kohsuke> We've been talking about ohtake san before a bit
04:10:45 <kohsuke> ssogabe said he'd be here but hmm
04:11:15 <rtyler> maybe everybody is eating lunch :)
04:11:38 <kohsuke> then there's lino_s who wrote the Japanese Jenkins book
04:12:13 <kohsuke> let me poke them on twitter quickly
04:12:17 <kohsuke> it appears that my attempt at encouraging participation wasn't very successful :-(
04:12:38 <rtyler> ohtake is here
04:12:39 <rtyler> :D
04:13:25 <hare_brain> I'd like to hear what kind of things our friends on the other side of the Pacific do with Jenkins. I see checkins from ssogabe and ohtake, but that's about it.
04:14:06 <kohsuke> I'm actually curious what ohtake san is doing for his day job
04:14:31 <kohsuke> I haven't met him in person yet, and I suspect Jenkins is related to his day job but not sure
04:14:39 <rtyler> kohsuke: is there a jenkins japanese language channel?
04:14:51 <rtyler> would any level of translation in here help maybe?
04:15:15 <kohsuke> There was a conversation to have a chat channel, but it wasn't on IRC
04:15:20 <rtyler> ah
04:15:29 <kohsuke> From what I've heard, most companies block IRC
04:15:54 * rtyler nods
04:15:56 <kohsuke> "most" might be too strong, but I guess culturally they aren't really on IRC
04:16:23 <kohsuke> Twitter seems to be used more
04:16:31 <kohsuke> I don't know if there's any translation bot
04:16:40 * rtyler wonders if he can enter in utf-8 properly
04:16:40 <kohsuke> that might be fun to set up and see what it does
04:17:04 <kohsuke> But back to JUC Tokyo
04:17:25 * rtyler nods
04:17:26 <kohsuke> ikikko san is the lead organizer
04:17:36 <kohsuke> ... who said he couldn't come today
04:17:40 <rtyler|2> 日本人の友達こんにちは、あなたは起きている?
04:18:09 <rtyler> is ohtake the only JUC Tokyo point man?
04:18:26 <kohsuke> and me, it looks like
04:18:59 <rtyler|2> その後の会議について話ましょう
04:19:07 <kohsuke> ohtake san isn't really involved in the event organizing work, AFAIK
04:19:12 <kohsuke> ... although I believe he'll be presenting
04:19:18 <rtyler> hokay
04:19:32 <rtyler> well this is unfortunate as far as the bridging of gaps :(
04:19:41 <kohsuke> Yeah
04:19:43 <rtyler> the venue is locked down though?
04:19:50 <ikikko> hi, i'm here. but i have plans in a few minutes. sorry.
04:19:51 <kohsuke> Anyway, ikikko added one more track to the show, so we have now 4x3+1=13 talk slots
04:20:08 <kohsuke> thank you for coming
04:20:11 <rtyler> is there a wiki page or other site where this is being coordinated?
04:20:46 <rtyler|2> ikikkoこんにちは
04:21:04 <ikikko> hello rtyler
04:21:06 <rtyler> :)
04:21:15 <kohsuke> Yes, there's this invite-only project management system that ikikko develops in his day job and we use that for tracking
04:21:36 <rtyler> ah, I was thinking more public, will you let me know when there's a public site out?
04:22:08 <kohsuke> there's http://build-shokunin.org/juc2012/
04:22:19 <kohsuke> ... which is the current place holder
04:22:28 * rtyler nods
04:22:35 <kohsuke> and a series of pages are staged that's supposed to go live "soon"
04:22:49 <rtyler> can you #info some dates?
04:22:58 <kohsuke> ikikko: am I right that we are just waiting for the registration page to be set up by cactusman?
04:23:19 <ikikko> yes
04:24:00 <kohsuke> ikikko: would you like to speak about dates, etc? or do you want me to do it?
04:24:13 <kohsuke> You can post it in Japanese and I can also translate that if you'd like
04:24:51 <kohsuke> 7/29 Sunday is the conference day
04:24:52 <ikikko> kohsuke: 日本語で話しますので、翻訳お願いします
04:24:54 <kohsuke> sure
04:25:08 <rtyler> #info July 29th is the date of JUC Tokyo
04:25:20 <ikikko> 日本時間の7/29に、東京でJUCを開こうとかんが得てます
04:25:49 <kohsuke> "We are thinking about having JUC in Tokyo on 7/29 Japan time"
04:26:12 <ikikko> スピーカーは3*4=12 or 3*5=15で
04:26:35 <ikikko> 参加者は300人程度を想定しています
04:26:38 <kohsuke> "The sessions are 3 rooms * 4 slots=12 or 3*5=15"
04:26:47 <kohsuke> "We estimate the attendees to be around 300"
04:27:33 <ikikko> 他にどんな情報が必要ですか?
04:27:45 <kohsuke> "What else would be useful for me to share?"
04:27:45 <rtyler|ja> ikikko: どのくらいの交渉はあるのだろうか?
04:27:51 <rtyler> "how long will talks be?"
04:28:03 * rtyler has google translate open :)
04:28:52 <ikikko> what does 'どのくらいの交渉はあるのだろうか?' mean?
04:28:57 <rtyler|ja> hehe
04:29:03 <rtyler> it means Google Translate is bad :)
04:29:11 <hare_brain> HAHAHA
04:29:11 <rtyler> ikikko: how long will the talks/sessions be?
04:29:12 <kohsuke> セッションの時間の話ですね
04:29:24 <ikikko> 了解
04:29:29 <kohsuke> "Got it"
04:29:36 <ikikko> 1セッションあたり1時間を考えてます
04:29:46 <rtyler|ja> okay
04:29:48 <rtyler> er, okay
04:29:50 <kohsuke> ikikko:  あとスポンサーの話もしたらいいと思います / I think you should share about sponsors
04:30:09 <kohsuke> "1 session is 1 hour"
04:30:19 <abayer> I'll have my abstract to you tomorrow, kohsuke. =)
04:30:25 <kohsuke> abayer: yes, please
04:30:29 <kohsuke> and you, rtyler
04:30:33 * rtyler hides
04:31:32 <ikikko> スポンサーは、現在約8つの企業が協力してくれるという返事をもらってます
04:32:18 <kohsuke> "We currently got 8 sponsor companies to help the event"
04:32:57 <kohsuke> My understanding is that we have sufficient money to run the show
04:33:11 <kohsuke> It's certainly more than I originally thought, for sure
04:33:44 <abayer> Great!
04:33:44 <kohsuke> And that's one of the things I wanted to resole today
04:34:07 <rtyler> #info estimating ~300 attendees
04:34:08 <kohsuke> So as I mentioned in 2 meetings back, there's this issue of organizing the social after the conference
04:34:13 <rtyler> #info ~8 sponsors
04:34:45 <kohsuke> and even with RSVP, there's this inherent uncertainty about how many people would actually show up
04:35:36 * rtyler nods
04:35:40 <kohsuke> and even though we factor in some no-show and last minute cancellation, we might end up paying out of the own pocket
04:36:02 <kohsuke> ikikko: is that still a fair statement?
04:36:24 <kohsuke> A part of me felt that with the current sign-up of sponsors, the chance of that happening seems to be even lower than we initially thought
04:37:30 <ikikko> please translate 'is that still a fair statement?' into Japanese, sorry.
04:38:10 <kohsuke> ikikko: 懇親会の赤字が出たら補填してもらうという話を今日ぜひまとめたいと思っています。
04:38:21 <ikikko> ok
04:38:44 <kohsuke> ikikko: それともスポンサーの数から言ってそれほど心配するべき事ではなくなったりしてます?
04:39:00 <ikikko> 一応お願いしておきたいです
04:39:10 <ikikko> 赤字が出たら補填してもらって、黒字が出たらそれをそのまま寄付します
04:40:23 <kohsuke> ikikko: 一応、前回のミーティングでは$1000という上限を設定するのでどう?という話は合意がとれています / in the last meeting, there was a reasonably wide consensus that the project can pay up the loss provided that we set the upper bound cap of $1K
04:40:42 * kohsuke busily switches two languages in his brain
04:40:48 <rtyler> abayer: do you speak japanese well enough yet to help kohsuke out :)
04:40:49 <ikikko> はい、それで構わないです
04:40:56 <abayer> rtyler: Not by a long shot. =)
04:41:19 <kohsuke> ikikko says "We'd still like to ask for the project to cover the loss in case if it happens"
04:41:37 <kohsuke> "but if there's any left over we'll send them into SPI in return"
04:41:50 <rtyler> I still think it's okay, with the cap, if we blow through the cap, I can help out ;)
04:41:57 <kohsuke> "and we are grateful with a cap like $1K"
04:42:05 <rtyler> I have some surplus funds coming my way now :P
04:42:39 <abayer> $1k sounds fine to me.
04:42:43 * rtyler nods
04:43:29 <kohsuke> ikikko: 上限$1000ってのはいいですよ、という風に言ってくれています / folks are re-affirming that $1K cap is fine by them
04:43:46 <ikikko> ok, thanks
04:43:50 * rtyler taps his watch
04:43:57 <ikikko> sorry, time is over. i have to go out from now..
04:44:00 <kohsuke> If I can record that as an agreement, I feel like this event was useful
04:44:06 <kohsuke> ikikko: thanks
04:44:13 <abayer> Thanks ikikko!
04:44:28 <rtyler|ja> あなたikikkoを参照してください。
04:44:31 <hare_brain> I actually thought we had the agreement last time...
04:44:35 <rtyler> ditto
04:44:42 <ikikko> bye!
04:44:52 <kohsuke> Well then
04:45:46 <kohsuke> #agreed the project will pay up to $1000 if the social after JUC Tokyo runs out of money. Otherwise, the surplus will be donated to SPI
04:45:59 <kohsuke> And ssogabe san arrived
04:46:11 <kohsuke> thanks for coming
04:47:40 <kohsuke> Otherwise I wanted to spend a bit of time taking advantages of the presence of folks to talk about what we can do to bridge the gap, but ...
04:47:51 <kohsuke> we are running out of time
04:47:58 <rtyler> it's friday night too
04:48:02 <kohsuke> yeah
04:48:05 <rtyler> and I'm intolerably sober :)
04:48:24 <kohsuke> I have 99 problems but that's not my problem
04:48:30 <rtyler> I think we have a lot more to do to bridge the gap
04:48:37 <rtyler> I'd really like to focus on the mailing lists more than anything
04:49:22 <kohsuke> The feedback on Twitter during this hour is that real time chat in English is very hard
04:49:37 <rtyler> right, I figured as much
04:49:39 <abayer> Understandably.
04:49:54 <rtyler> abayer has hard enough time with real-time chat in english as is, and he's an American!
04:49:57 * rtyler ducks
04:50:01 <abayer> So true.
04:50:05 <kohsuke> rtyler: what do you mean mailing lists?
04:50:05 <abayer> Wait, what?
04:50:28 <rtyler> kohsuke: I mean I'd be happy to see more japanese users on the mailing lists than IRC
04:50:36 <kohsuke> right, ok
04:51:15 <kohsuke> interestingly the Japanese Jenkins mailing list is low traffic
04:51:32 <kohsuke> It makes me wonder where people are communiating
04:51:37 <hare_brain> Twitter?
04:51:39 <kohsuke> ssogabe: ohtake: any thoughts?
04:51:56 <rtyler> can we will the meeting and just continue with regular chat then? this isn't on the agenda
04:52:04 <rtyler> will? I meant kill
04:52:06 <kohsuke> yeah
04:52:07 <rtyler> pew pew
04:52:09 <kohsuke> let's wrap up
04:52:16 <kohsuke> #topic next meeting time
04:52:26 <kohsuke> so, going back to the regular schedule...
04:52:34 <rtyler> April 25th?
04:52:43 <kohsuke> Aye
04:52:55 <rtyler> 11am as per previous habit?
04:53:04 <kohsuke> +1
04:53:14 <abayer> +1
04:53:19 <hare_brain> I will be joining a little bit late on the 25th, but start without me
04:53:36 <rtyler> #agreed next meeting time will be 2012.04.25 at 11am PST
04:53:40 <rtyler> #endmeeting