18:01:23 <danielbeck> #startmeeting
18:01:23 <robobutler> Let the Jenkins meeting commence!
18:01:38 <danielbeck> agenda for today: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Governance+Meeting+Agenda#GovernanceMeetingAgenda-Dec21meeting
18:01:47 <danielbeck> #topic Recap last meeting's actions
18:01:59 <danielbeck> #chair rtyler kohsuke
18:01:59 <robobutler> Current chairs: danielbeck kohsuke rtyler
18:02:08 <alyssat> hola
18:02:34 <danielbeck> from last time we have postponing .2 RC, which I think we let everyone know
18:02:52 <danielbeck> and batmat determined that teilo's concerns about JDK8 weren't a JDK8 specific issue
18:02:57 <batmat> hola, will be mostly afk, but updated the JDK8 bullet point if possible.
18:03:16 * batmat goes back with children
18:03:30 <danielbeck> #topic LTS status check
18:03:32 <danielbeck> ogondza around?
18:03:36 <ogondza> yep
18:04:01 <ogondza> I have done the testing and have not heard about a reason not to push the 2.32.1 tonight
18:04:12 <danielbeck> great
18:04:18 <danielbeck> well, that was quick :)
18:04:36 <danielbeck> #topic FOSDEM 2017 Plans
18:04:45 <danielbeck> #info https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/FOSDEM+2017
18:04:47 <danielbeck> alyssat around?
18:04:53 <alyssat> yup. am here
18:04:57 <alyssat> #info: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Governance+Meeting+Agenda
18:05:03 <alyssat> sorry wrong link
18:05:20 <alyssat> https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/FOSDEM+2017
18:05:30 <alyssat> We are planning for Fosdem, it will be similar to this year's Fosdem. Wanted to see if there are suggestions for what other things we can do at the stand i.e demos, etc
18:05:56 <alyssat> current planning has been documented in the wiki page
18:06:12 <kohsuke> I'm late
18:06:16 <rtyler> I'm working with somebody at cloudbees to create a little pipeline syntax quick reference card we can use at the table
18:06:39 <rtyler> use/handout that is
18:07:05 <alyssat> yup. i think i've updated that in the wiki page...but i had Patrick's name on it.
18:07:15 <alyssat> will update to include rtyler
18:08:37 <alyssat> any suggestions for demos to use to share w/ attendees?
18:08:57 <rtyler> alyssat: I'd rather say: if you want to create demos to share with attendees to work with you
18:09:00 <rtyler> ideas are cheap
18:09:11 <rtyler> actual useful demos are the real work there :P
18:09:38 <alyssat> ok..so talk is cheap...we want action..gotcha
18:09:40 <rtyler> heh
18:09:56 <rtyler> we have ci.jenkins.io and the blueocean dogfood server which are always on and available for pointing to
18:11:01 <oleg-nenashev> I can show LibreCores CI if anybody of hardware guys appears at the stand (Pipeline + BO + ara-specific stuff)
18:11:05 <oleg-nenashev> *area
18:11:35 <alyssat> thnx oleg
18:12:36 <oleg-nenashev> It needs internet access on the other hand :(
18:12:45 <rtyler> FOSDEM has internet access!
18:13:23 <rtyler> alyssat: I don't think you're going to get much more demo volunteers in this meeting :)
18:13:24 <alyssat> i'll send out an email to fosdem + events mailing lists as well in case we have other volunteers/suggestions.
18:13:33 <rtyler> what else ya got?
18:13:34 <alyssat> yeah i don't think so either.
18:13:59 <alyssat> besides demos i'm open for suggestions on what others suggest
18:14:28 <alyssat> if there isn't any other suggestions I think we are good.
18:14:43 <rtyler> alyssat: where should people who wish to help make FOSDEM happen get involved?
18:15:30 <alyssat> at the table stand on feb 4 @ 9am
18:15:43 <rtyler> uh
18:15:46 <rtyler> how about before then? :P
18:15:46 <alyssat> I think we are in the K building
18:15:56 <rtyler> I meant people to help /you/ :)
18:16:17 <alyssat> i'll update the wiki page once I have more info about that
18:16:20 <alyssat> :P
18:16:31 <alyssat> right now it's TBD
18:17:08 <rtyler> #info join the #jenins-community channel to discuss more FOSDEM planning or events@lists.jenkins-ci.org
18:17:08 <alyssat> i'm good if there's no other questions
18:17:14 <rtyler> #topic Infra update
18:17:26 <rtyler> I just wanted t ogive a brief update on where our infra migration to Azure is
18:17:44 <rtyler> CloudBees received hired olblak who has been helping me with the work
18:18:21 <rtyler> we're using the infra@lists.jenkins-ci.org mailing list and creating Intra Enhancement Proposal documents to capture our plans/designs
18:18:28 <rtyler> https://github.com/jenkins-infra/iep
18:18:46 <rtyler> as per usual, more help is always welcome :)
18:19:05 <rtyler> any general or specific infra team questions before I move on?
18:19:32 <kohsuke> not from here
18:20:07 <rtyler> #topic JDK8 baseline upgrade followup
18:20:14 <rtyler> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/jenkinsci-dev/fo5nKLhZK5U/IRJdMeS6CgAJ
18:20:19 <rtyler> timeline proposed by ogondza ^
18:20:27 <rtyler> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/jenkinsci-dev/fo5nKLhZK5U/uh3IK_fzEAAJ
18:20:34 <rtyler> timeline around windows issues/fixes ^
18:20:55 <rtyler> since batmat is here, I'm not sure what the goal of this agenda item is :/
18:20:59 <ogondza> ftr, I do not plan to fix the windows issues mentioned :p
18:21:10 <rtyler> heh
18:21:34 <rtyler> Slide-o-Mix has been working to get jenkins core to run its builds and tests on Windows as well as Linux
18:21:49 <rtyler> aside from that, I'm not sure what there is to discuss in this meeting slot
18:22:07 <batmat> Goal is to agree/decide on this, and start the plan rtyler
18:22:19 <ogondza> I more or less agree with what batmat suggested. Perhaps I would be more comfortable to have the build passing on windows _before_ announcing the drop
18:22:35 <batmat> I can create the blog entry PR
18:22:42 <rtyler> OH HEY IT'S BATMAT
18:22:43 <ogondza> (not hurry to fix it to meet the schedule)
18:23:25 <rtyler> I'm in favor of batmat's proposal
18:23:28 <batmat> ogondza: well, there should not be a real hurry after slide analysis
18:23:36 <kohsuke> Where is the "proposed timeline by ogondza" ?
18:23:38 <rtyler> I'm also in favor of batmat fixing the windows issue xD
18:23:42 <batmat> like there"s one actual one to fix
18:23:47 <batmat> I can do it
18:23:51 <oleg-nenashev> FYI I'm going to drop the .NET2 and 3.5 support in WinSW within maybe 1 year
18:24:00 <kohsuke> oh never mind now the link worked
18:25:17 <kohsuke> From 6->7 we had some time period during which new class file shipped but we held off using new language features
18:25:18 <batmat> This thread has been going on since September or IIRC, so though there's no hurry, maybe now we have an agreement that at least we can announce it so users can act upon it
18:25:32 <batmat> ogondza: and we can just delay more the time of the weekly upgrade
18:25:38 <kohsuke> Am I right that the new plan doesn't have that phase?
18:25:41 <batmat> keeping the announce asap, so that users have time
18:25:52 <rtyler> batmat: considering the timing of the holidays, if you write a blog post today I wouldn't suggest publishing it until jan 4-5th at the earliest
18:26:03 <rtyler> that gives us time to make windows builds pass I hope
18:26:07 <batmat> rtyler: agreed
18:26:11 <batmat> agreed too
18:26:13 <batmat> gtg
18:27:01 <rtyler> it doesn't seem like there have been any concrete objections, so I suggest we keep plotting away at this work and continue the discussion on jenkinsci-dev
18:27:04 <ogondza> kohsuke: what was the point for staying away of new api? backportability/revertability?
18:27:53 <batmat> rtyler: hence the pt here is just to move on, or not. Since yes, there seems to me we have an agreement there now.
18:28:06 <kohsuke> Revertability; if we get a surprising reaction from users, that would allow us to backpedal
18:29:08 <ogondza> kohsuke: do you think it is a concern if we announce it in advance?
18:29:09 <rtyler> per batmat's and others' points, JDK7 is dead
18:29:12 <rtyler> :P
18:29:37 <batmat> rtyler: or we should then at some point introduce an Apache like voting concept on the dev ml if you want decisions be assessable there
18:30:01 <rtyler> I don't think we should prematurely optimize for a negative reaction when literally nothing has been communicated to the broader user base baout our intentions
18:30:15 <kohsuke> ogondza: No. With 6->7, it was announcement, then class file change, then using new APIs
18:30:26 <rtyler> batmat: that's a yak shave for another time please
18:31:05 <kohsuke> All right, I guess I will not rock the boat given the effort that went into driving this consensus
18:33:04 * rtyler waits for any other comments/discussion
18:34:16 <rtyler> okie doke; seems like we're fine to continue moving forward for now with the tentative timeline that ogondza put forward which batmat is helping to drive
18:34:27 <rtyler> subject to crazy shenanigans with windows cropping up of course :)
18:34:52 <rtyler> but I think we'll have to wait and see how much stuff is minorly problematic versus very broken once Slide's Jenkinsfile changes merge
18:35:15 <rtyler> #topic Next meeting
18:35:33 <rtyler> the calendar says two weeks would be january 4th
18:35:49 <kohsuke> Happy new year
18:35:50 <rtyler> that seems reasonable to me, probably sparsely attended because of all those vacations though :)
18:36:06 <rtyler> #info next meeting january 4th, same time, same place, new year
18:36:13 <rtyler> #endmeeting